Good Canine Academy is a non profit organization that specializes in the training of support dogs for veterans and first responders that are suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Good Canine is also one of the first in the nation to be certified to train canines to sniff out cancer. We use only the best breeders in the world to ensure quality health and characteristics in each and every dog going through our training process.


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3 months ago

Good Canine Academy

Dogs DO detect early stage cancer......
“Cancer Sniffing Dogs”.

This Doberman saved his owner's life — by detecting a tumor in her breast.
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3 months ago

Good Canine Academy


Attached is a link to a recent congressional hearing concerning the need for more dogs for the detection of guns, bombs anti-terrorism etc. This hearing was held just days days after the terrible Las Vegas tragedy. The outset of this hearing seems pretty straightforward and logical in terms of the need for more dogs in law enforcement and the need for better access and more training of dogs.

The disturbing part of this hearing is when the discussion quickly turns to "There are not enough 'good dogs' to fill the needs" and "The government needs to have oversight and "validation" of detection trainers.".

These panelist are advocating a "government run breeding program", that would (I assume) be made up in part of at least some the participants on this panel—in some regard, to insure that only these "government" bred dogs get used for detection work. The whole hearing looks obviously scripted and carefully planned.

****Note at 29:35 where Cynthia Otto talks about "validating detection training", or at 35:08 where Mr. Roger's offhandedly says "right now border control uses dogs from the pound....These lower level Government dogs could now get used the instead of the ones that come from the pound...."

There are some disturbing statements in this video, and you'll have to sit through a lot of them. But it needs to be done. No one has watched this.

If you don't want to see such a foolish and useless program (8 out of 10 dogs automatically fail out of detection), and you don't want to see genetically engineered dog breeds created by some crackpot scientist, then please share this.

They plan on regulating the breeding, selection and use of dogs to a selected group (selected by them) and this will surely have an enormous effect on the rescued dogs that are perfectly able to work in detection.

For the record Penn Vet tried floating this idea of breeding super-sniffers in the past. As pioneers in cancer detection training, we've seen that unwanted, over-driven shelter dogs make perfect detectors. The argument that "even purer bred dogs" are better and needed is insane.

Penn Vet fails training detection dogs— more than most. They shouldn't be put in charge.
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