Good Canine Academy is a non profit organization that specializes in the training of support dogs for veterans and first responders that are suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Good Canine is also one of the first in the nation to be certified to train canines to sniff out cancer. We use only the best breeders in the world to ensure quality health and characteristics in each and every dog going through our training process.


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Dallas Memorial March

May 27, 2018, 12:00pm - May 28, 2018, 3:00pm

Join us at at our 8th annual Dallas Memorial March as we honor and celebrate our nation's heroes over Memorial Day weekend! Featuring music, inspirational speeches, stories of fallen heroes, flag ceremonies and more. No registration or payment is required to attend — we simply ask you to respect those who have given everything to protect and serve us all. The March is the culmination of two National Relays that have traveled more than 6,400 miles to Dallas carrying the American flag, and raising awareness for sacrifices made by our nation's Military, Law Enforcement, Firefighters, First Responders and their families. It is a MUST SEE event! More info:

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The message will continue to pass. Hopefully, the VA starts to understand that even when people that are mentors, appear “okay,” they are not. They never get better, they only tolerate. The so called happy place of trying to be normal and a mentor, is not enough. It’s a battle with demons, not self. “Normal” living is never enough. As shallow as that sounds, try to understand that it is never enough, understand with any veteran that is going through this scenerio. We can all try to do better. But in all honesty, there is only so much that can be done that presents a faint glimpse of hope. This current passing made me fall to the ground because it wasn’t giving up, it was fighting with demons... this shows that we have a long road ahead. Any one of us can be next. I created this video of networking for veterans to at least take a glance at a few of these organizations listed; for unification. A few of everything listed, even foundations and known organizations for healing. Guarantee, someone will extend a hand. To give you a visual aid of what can be established and enhanced in your sector. Reach out for help. We are all in a fight, and I too can admit that it is very difficult. Suicide does not care if you are even an example to others; it will still sneak up on you and become that silent killer. Our fight is no longer out there in the desert; it is now here in the states, this is our new AOR, to help each other and build into a solid foundation. Uniting all as one. We all have a friendly humor of belittling our sister/brother branches, transitioning to the same thing with everyone being a critic and rivalry of the 22/veteran organizations, but in the end, whether you like them or not, WE ALL FIGHT THE SAME FIGHT, this is our new enemy now. Unite. The survivors guilt is intense with this scenario. Please, pass the message. If you are an organization for the veterans and support of the 22, share and add your name publicly for all to see. Perhaps this will benefit for someone.

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2018 is the "YEAR OF THE DOG"
Let's make it the best year ever by getting the word out.....

Good Canine Academy’s “CANCER SNIFFING DOGS”

A dogs sense of smell is 300,000 times more acute than ours. You and I smell chocolate cake, but a dog smells flour, sugar, eggs etc. Dogs noses have the ability to layer scent. Because of this amazing ability to smell, studies are showing dogs can detect cancer earlier and more accurately than any machine in existence. Medical scent detection dogs will transform medicine through early detection of cancer.

It takes anywhere between 6 to 8 months and over 300 samples to train and certify a cancer detection dog. All of the dogs are trained on cancer samples, healthy control samples, and disease control samples. They also must be friendly and social, since they will work with people. Dogs do not sniff an actual person, they sniff samples such as breath, plasma, urine and sputum (saliva). They are presented with a known cancer sample for training, and are rewarded for being able to determine the cancer sample from the healthy samples. Over time, the odor of “cancer” is generalized, which is of extreme importance when training a medical scent detection dog. A very large number of samples are used, and we never re-use a sample for training or testing our dogs accuracy levels. All accuracy levels were attained by doing “double-blinded” trials, where brand new samples are numbered, and the dog is able to find all of the new, different cancer samples among brand new healthy controls and disease controls. This way, we can be sure the dog has “generalized” the “cancer odor”, and is not merely memorizing samples.

“ONLY A DOG’S NOSE KNOWS”..... this is what we have been saying for years and are now proving it. Good Canine Academy’s “Cancer Sniffing Dogs” our only one out of 30 companies in the world, Nationally Certified to teach dogs to detect early stage cancer in humans. Not only does a dog do this amazing feat, but they do it at a 98-100% accuracy level with NO false positives and are able to do this at the earliest stages of cancer, stage 0 - 1 - 2.

We are currently in the “Collection” stage. This means we are looking for collaborations with hospitals and/or doctors offices to gather and collect cancer samples from patients that have just been diagnosed with Cancer. This will enable us to complete the training of the current team of dogs on the final stage of their certifications.

The next stage will be the “Screening” stage. This will allow our dogs that have been trained and certified to actually start screenings on various types of cancer. We look forward to working with our local agencies and first responders to help with their cancer detection screening for lung cancer. Our local Fire Departments and First Responders have more than a 68% chance higher percentage to actually develop cancer in their lifetime because of the toxicity of the fumes.

We look forward to working with local agencies and others that need our specialized handling in helping with a health issue that has until now, had to wait until it develops into stage 3 and 4 and could more than likely be deadly.

Our “Cancer Sniffing Dogs”, can and will save lives.
#TogetherWeHeel, #OnlyADogsNoseKnows

Let's make "2018 YEAR OF THE DOG" an amazing one!!!!
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