Linda Konrad has been a Behavior Trainer for 41 years and has trained over 5,400 dogs and counting. She got her first start with dogs when she was just 4 years old at the Kennel Ration dog show in Kansas City, Missouri, where her mother had her show one of their Rough Coated Collies.   After that, it was inevitable that dogs would be a part of her life forever.

Linda has worked as a Trainer for such companies as Spokane Dog Training Club, Partners Dog Training and was for hire as an independent trainer.   She learned as she went and always opened a book or took a class or went to a workshop to take in the experiences and knowledge of other trainers, all the while maintaining her mythology on how and why a dog reacted the way it did and why some training methods worked better than others.  Over the years she has standardized her Behavior Training, which (in the real world) takes many years and the experience of many dogs and situations to actually be able to call yourself a “Behavior Trainer”   This title does not come with treats or clickers, or even the occasional E-collar.   All of these areas can be used as other training methods, but should never be used when teaching Behavior Training and over the last 41 years has never been used in her classes. Something must be said about the way Linda trains, because it is getting back to basics and actually learning the way “dogs” think, vs what we think they think.  As Linda states in her classes and seminars, “We have way too many human emotions that we try to shove down their throats”.   “They have no idea what we really want from them because our body and verbal communication with them is so confusing, that they are in a constant guessing mode”.   “Some days they are right and some days they are wrong.  It’s really nice when you finally understand what they need and in the first couple of minutes of one of her sessions, you and your dog actually communicate and the inevitable “light bulb” goes off for both you and your dog.    “It still makes me smile, every time I see the first real communication between dog and owner”.

Linda started working with other organizations about 20 years ago by volunteering to help train rescue dogs and get them placed in their new homes.  Then Linda was asked to train a few dogs for commercial segments and videos including a music video on CMT.  Because of her volunteer work, she has been working with Cities and Counties in a few States to help set up Dog Parks and write their rules.  She then would hold classes for the neighbors and HOA’s so that all the dogs were ready to visit the new dog parks and all play in harmony.   In 2010 Linda got her Certification from AKC to be one of Texas’s Evaluators for Canine Good Citizen test (CGC) and then went on to become one of their Therapy Certifiers.  Linda offers a free certification test with every 6wk Behavior Class given.

Good Canine Academy a non-profit was developed because of Linda Konrad’s training with Service/Emotional Support/Therapy Dogs across the country, specializing in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in Veterans and First Responders.   Linda was Certified in PTSD Canine Training and Trauma Education in June of 2016 and because of her devotion to the betterment of developing a dogs mind and the way they interact with us as humans, she has developed quite the following and recently became one of the first Nationally Certified Trainers to train dogs to detect early stage cancers through the InSitu Foundation, out of Chico, CA.

She has held a big role in Texas with Service Dog Organizations by volunteering and holding a Chair position and helping in yearly promotions.   Linda also continues to be a puppy raiser for one of these national organizations.