How does Good Canine Academy choose their dogs for Support and Cancer Detection?

We are thankful that throughout the many years of being a top breeder and acquainted with other such breeders, that we have many contacts throughout the world when it comes to great dogs.  First and foremost is the health and temperament of the dogs we choose and the lineage that is behind them.    Each pup or dog we choose is evaluated for one job or the other.   However, with that statement, many dogs if chosen for Support, might not fully commit to it and might have too much drive to become a Support Dog.   The wonderful thing about Good Canine Academy, is that we don’t have to add them to the “Wash Out List” like other organizations and place them in a companion home, but they get another chance.   We want the drive when working with Cancer Detection Dogs.   They need the ability to stay strong for hours at a time and keep on task.   Only a dog that is highly motivated but not off the wall will work for this.   Support dogs, being Service, Therapy or other, usually need to have a more even temperament.

Good Canine Academy does not train other peoples dogs.  Nor do we pull from shelters or rescue dogs as a main source.   We totally promote the use of rescues, however, we feel with our ability to receive dogs from breeders that we know, we do not have the worry of putting so much time into a dog to train, to then have it not be able to maintain the level we need because of hereditary issues in health.  So we choose to acquire our dogs from the breeders we have known for years along with knowing their breeding standards.